Saturday, May 13, 2017

May Meeting

The Great State of Connecticut
"By some legerdemain, then, the cartoon inhabitants of this early work somehow flew off, pausing, in a form invisible to us, at the way station First Impressions, and finally discovered their intended residence in that crystal palace, Pride and Prejudice.  Or put it another way:  it took the wealth of Jane Austen’s acquired humanity and literary skill to bring off the complex interplay and cross-purposes of her most brilliant novel." (Leo Rockas, Persuasions Online, vol. 33, 2012)

Our good friend Leo Rockas will be visiting us again this month to lead our May meeting. Leo travels to us from his home in Connecticut. Recently, I reread Leo's article from Persuasions Online entitled Sisters Askew: “The Three Sisters” and Pride and Prejudice". In this article Leo reviews the connection between Jane Austen's work called "The the Three Sisters" in her Juvenalia and Pride and Prejudice. The similarities indicate that Jane Austen was thinking about the themes in Pride and Prejudice well before the novel actually emerged from her pen.

Leo is an educator, author and good friend of many in our Central and Western NY Region of JASNA. Come join us and hear what Leo in store for us at our next meeting.

Event:    JASNACWNY May Meeting
Speaker: Leo Rockas
Where:   Pittsford Barnes and Noble, Community Room
When:    Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 1 pm

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