Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gowns and Waistcoats - A Jane Austen Fashion Show

Coming to the Rochester Central Library, June 6
A Jane Austen Fashion Show

"That is exactly what I should have guessed it, madam," said Mr. Tilney, looking at the muslin. 

"Do you understand muslins, sir?"

"Particularly well; I always buy my own cravats, and am allowed to be an excellent judge; and my sister has often trusted me in the choice of a gown. I bought one for her the other day, and it was pronounced to be a prodigious bargain by every lady who saw it. I gave but five shillings a yard for it, and a true Indian muslin." (Henry Tilney discussing muslin with Mrs. Allen in Northanger Abbey ch. 3)

Jane Austen was keenly aware of fashion and used it to establish her characters. Did you ever wonder how they might have appeared? Step back to the time of Jane Austen, and learn about the fashions she knew and used in her writing. Experience beautiful gowns and snappy uniforms. This program by Lisa Brown will give you a deeper appreciation of Regency dress, and provide you with the background to better understand the works of Jane Austen.

See you there. We may all get to be as good a judge of muslin as Henry Tilney.

Registration is recommended. Previously, the event was SRO.

register online at:

or call the library at:
(585) 428-8140

Event: Jane Austen Fashion Show
When: June 6, Noon - 1 pm
Where: Central Library

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May Meeting

 Amanda Jacobs Composer/Playwright and Artist Educator

"Have you been to the theatre?"
Henry Tilney Northanger Abbey ch. 10

JASNA Central and Western NY is pleased and honored to welcome Amanda Jacobs to its May meeting.

We all know Jane Austen enjoyed the theatre and knew how to enjoy a play. "I talked to Henry at the Play last night. We were in a private box - Mr. Spencer's - Which made it much more pleasant." (1) Plays figure prominently in Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey. What better way to understand Jane Austen than to write a musical based on one of Jane Austen's most popular works. 

Amanda Jacobs and Lindsay Baker have done just that, and the result is "Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice a Musical". This award winning musical is currently playing at the La Miranda Theater for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles. You can find the website here and and listen to some of the music at Amanda's website.

Amanda Jacobs has many other accomplishments to her credit. In 2014 she was selected for the JASNA International Visitor Program. While in Chawton, she composed music for Jane Austen's prayers, while visiting Austen related churches in England.

We look forward to welcoming Amanda to our meeting, and hope you will join us. Rumor has it that she may be able to play for us.

Event: JASNA Central and Western NY May meeting
Where: Barnes and Noble Community Room
When: Saturday, May 16, 1 pm

1. Jane Austen's Letters, Deidre Le Faye (ed.), p. 228, 4th ed. 2011.