Monday, November 30, 2015

Tea Time

Tea at Jane Austen 1812 weekend, Genesee Country Village (photo: Lisa Brown)

We drank tea again yesterday with the Tilsons, and met the Smiths. I find all these little parties very pleasant.” 
Jane Austen Letters

When we think of the Regency, many images come to mind. Some think of the Royal Navy and imagine Nelson at Trafalgar. Others love fashion and picture Regency ladies and gentlemen in their finest attire. Still others are excited by the dance, music and art of the period. And everyone likes to imagine a nice cup of tea on a cold winter’s day.

Well, the Royal Navy has sailed, but the other aspects of the Regency can all be experienced at the Penfield Community Center this weekend where a Jane Austen Holiday Tea will be held.

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The event begins with a fashion show demonstrating the finest in Regency dress. 

Fashion Show by Regency Rentals at the  Rochester Central Library
(photo: Author)

Here you will learn what proper Regency ladies and gentlemen wore in their daily lives and at more formal occasions.

Jane Austen Weekend, Rose Hill Mansion Geneva, NY (photo: Lisa Brown)

Jane Austen 1812 Weekend, Genesee Country Village (photo: Lisa Brown)

These views of Regency fashions can help to visualize the people in Jane Austen’s novels. Your reading will be enhanced and your pleasure in Austen's novels magnified by having seen this show.

Of course, tea will be served along with an assortment of finger sandwiches and desserts.

Tea at Jane Austen Weekend, Rose Hill Mansion, Geneva, NY (photo: Lisa Brown)

After tea there will be time for crafts, and then a demonstration of English Country Dance by the Meryton Assembly Dancers.

Meryton Assembly Dancers at Rose Hill Mansion, Geneva, NY (photo: Lisa Brown)

Jane Austen danced, her characters danced, and balls form some of the most important scenes in Jane Austen’s novels. Here you have an opportunity to better understand and visualize this wonderful activity.

So come for tea, stay for fashion and dance, and enjoy a few hours in the Regency Period.

Event: Jane Austen Holiday Tea
When: Sunday December 6, 2015 12 noon
Where: Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue,
              Penfield Community Center/Library, 1985 Baird Road, Penfield NY
Admission: $10

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  1. History is fun! Jane Austen was surely one of the best writers English language has ever had. I'm always curious to know more about art and literature, and people who are responsible for it. I would surely love to attend an event at a venue New York has where art is celebrated with such enthusiasm.