Tuesday, October 13, 2015

JASNA AGM - Return to the Regency

It is such a happiness when good people get together…Emma, chapter 21

Last weekend was JASNA’s Annual General Meeting in Louisville Kentucky and Jane Austen was correct in noting that when good people come together happiness follows. The weekend was full of creative company, intriguing insights, fabulous food, and merry music.

On Saturday we will all have the opportunity to savor the highlights of the weekend as we review the AGM at our JASNA CWNY meeting. Please join us at the Barnes and Noble in Pittsford at 1 pm. To tempt you, here are just a few of the things we considered:

How did a naval surgeon treat his patients?

 Royal Navy Surgeon

Surgeon's Instruments

How proficient was Mary Bennet at the pianoforte?

"Hammerflügel Conrad Graf rem" by Andreas Praefcke

Who was George Wickham? Impoverished soldier or master spy?

"Pride and Prejudice CH 15" by C. E. Brock

How did a Regency lady dress for visiting friends?

Regency Dress

How did a Regency lady travel?

Sedan Chair

How much would Darcy’s £10,000 per year be worth today?

What is an AGM really like?

 Salad to start dinner at the AGM

Belle of Louisville outside our hotel

Where is the best place to rent or buy Regency goods?

Why Regency Rentals and A Lady's Maid of course.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

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